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Please read this and pay your respects!
The spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends of the people involved in the post do not get enough respect and praise.
I wrote this letter for my wife and even found a poem for my VFW Widow. 
Past Commander Boothe

A letter to my wife (And to other VFW Widows).
I found this poem online.  It was a private post to all women who have husbands  who are deployed (no author listed).
I know that over the years, I have missed some family gatherings and have spent countless hours working on VFW business and.....

I AM SORRY!  But.... I will all ways be a veteran and it is in my blood.  I feel a commitment to my fellow comrades, my post and no matter what you or I do, nothing can change the way I feel.
I need to thank you for being as understanding as you have been and to tell you that I do love you now more than ever.  And by the way......
Please remember that the post elections are coming up and that next week I have a meeting. 
(Past Commander Boothe)
My body is in need of love,
My heart is full of pain
You have gone to war,
But yet our love will always remain
Times are hard and times are rough,
they will only make us tough
I'll be strong and I'll survive
knowing you will be back by my side
months go by, day by day
everything gets hard to say
sitting here waiting for you,
the only thing i know to do
the night is dark and sometimes day to
just remember our love is true
you be safe and dream of me
we'll be together soon, very soon
you will see
No author listed.

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