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Our fallen comrades
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Remember our fallen comrades

David "RATS" Sonnet     2005
Rats was a veteran of the famous battle depicted by Mel Gibson in "WE WERE SOLDIERS".  As a young man, Rats was photographed during the battle where he was a proud member of the Air Calvery.  He showed me that picture several times, I wish I had a copy of it.
Rats held several post offices through out the years including: Sr. Vice Commander, Jr. Vice Commander, Quartermaster and Chaplain and he was a regular at the VFW.  Rats loved helping the post at least five days a week with cleaning, money issues, events and politics. He really enjoyed coming to the post, sharing conversations and helping out any way he could.
One of the best things I could ever say about Rats was that he was the most loyal friend that anyone ever could have wanted and that he stayed with the post through some very tough times and with his help, we got it turned around and escaped the dangers of closing more than once.
Even though he has been gone for a couple of years, we still miss him and share stories of him.  When he died in 2005, he was our reigning Sr. Vice Commander and to this day, I can still honestly say, that we miss him.
Past Commander Boothe
Stanley "SKEETS" Holava   2005
Skeets was only with the post for a couple of years, but he was a good and friendly man who loved coming to the meetings and was elected as a post Trustee.  Just like Dave Sonnett, Skeets passed while he was an officer of the post.
I personally organized his military funeral after he requested that he wanted assured that it would take place.  Skeets's family was very nice and the Beaver County Special Unit did a great job. Several members of the Vietnam Veterans of America also showed up to pay there respects.
Skeets was a Korean Service Veteran.
Past Commander Boothe

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